Some past projects

  • ADN-TR: Real-time digital clones (FUI funded),
  • Juliette: Person visual perception for Human Robot Interaction (FEDER funded),
  • MediaGPU: Massive multimedia GPU-based processing (ANR funded).
  • CompanionAble: Integrated Cognitive Assistive & Domotic Companion Robotic Systems for Ability & Security (European FP7 funded).
  • GpuCV: Open-source GPU-accelerated image processing and Computer Vision library,
  • MyBlog3D: To foster mutual perception between internet users who communicate and share objects within a 3D virtual space (ANR funded).
  • MatchSlide: Remote analysis of microscopy wide slide digital images (RNTS funded).
  • Telemondes: Interacting in a virtual world.
  • ARC LSF: Sign language recognition.
  • TIM: Multimedia course-ware on image processing...